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Septic Certification

Septic System Certification

A septic certification is a written document that states that the on-site sewerage disposal system has been inspected and found to presently either be in functioning or malfunctioning to set standards at the time it is completed.

Please be advised that a Septic Certification is NOT a warranty or guarantee that the onsite sewerage disposal system will continue to function properly for any given period of time in the future. This is because conditions can change due to causes beyond our control and any change in usage of the system could cause the onsite sewerage disposal system to malfunction.

Whats included in a septic certification in NJ?

What is completed during a septic certification?


  • Obtain information from homeowner regarding property details, maintenance of septic system, any work or issues with the septic system.
  • Locate, excavate and uncover the main lid of the septic tank and the distribution box. Any clean-outs will be opened for the septic tank too.
  • Visually inspect the level in the septic tank prior to completing the water load test.
  • Visually inspect the structural integrity of the septic tank and piping between the house and the septic tank and the piping leaving the septic tank.
  • The inspector will be checking the amount of accumulated solids in the septic tank and if any solids have carried into the piping and/or distribution box.
  • Visually inspect the baffles.
  • Visually inspect the condition of the distribution box and lines leaving distribution box.